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Growth as a service

We help connect your product to the minds of your customers

Product-Market fit

To get to market-product fit faster by exploring channels and value proposition that best fits the targeted market segment

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Scaling Growth

To achieve hyper-growth by identifying and building channels for traffic and retention

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New Market Opportunities

To find new customer segments and international markets for growth

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Growth Optimisation

To set up the product for long term growth by optimising on existing channels and finding new channels

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delivering growth

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Achieved Product - Market fit in 3 months

Built Quora as a Growth Channel with 125000 article views

Built Product blogs that rank on the first page of Google search results

Strategised Product based engineering hacks for Growth

Reduced User Acquisition cost by 90%

Increased desired user actions by 5X

Growth Challenges?  Understand what's slowing down your product